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The Popular Orchid Plant

Orchids are an exotic species of flower long coveted by gardeners and collectors. There are many different varieties available from locations around the world.

Types of Orchids

This species is one of the largest groups of flowering plants. Over 100,000 different hybrid versions have been cultivated by horticulturalists over time. The various species of orchid amount to more than twice the number of known birds and four times the number of identified mammals on the earth. It includes the type genus Orchis, Vanilla (the genus of the vanilla plant), and many commonly cultivated plants such as Cattleya and Phalaenopsis. They are best known for their exotic flowers, which come in all manner of colors. Popular as a houseplant and conservatory or greenhouse plant, orchids can be found in many homes worldwide. Orchids are a perfect way to think about and relax from you fx trading.

Care of Orchids

Orchids need a fast-draining potting medium, usually bark-based or moss-based. They require strong but indirect light to thrive and should be placed in a south or east based site. Their growing environment needs to be kept at a temperature of 16 to 24 degrees centigrade since the plant will die if it is too cold. Provide good air circulation and make sure they are watered before they go dry. Maintain 40% to 60% humidity to ensure healthy plants, and if necessary, use a mist spray. Feed the plants once a day while they are flowering.

Follow these simple instructions, and quality plants and flowers can be relied upon for years to come.