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  1. Awarded Plants
  2. Awarded Phrags (continued...sort of..)
  3. Awarded Plants Redux
  4. Awards Quarterly - worth the price or not?
  5. Commonly used Award Abbreviations
  6. Getting your plants judged (How To)
  7. Phrag. besseae var. flavum 'Taiyo' AM/AOS 4N
  8. Shipping a Cut Inflorenscence for Judging
  9. Society Meetings and Plant Judging
  10. AOS Award Matrices - Anyone Have Them?
  11. Wildcatt Request - Paph. lowii
  12. Snubbed papohs...
  13. Wildcatt Request -- All Recent Paph and Phrag species awards
  14. Roth FCC #
  15. AOS Paph/Phrag Award data
  16. roth 'Charles E' vs. roth 'Charles Edward'
  17. judging criteria - a very dumb question
  18. Award info for Paph Bernice “Riopelle” AM/AOS
  19. Vanda judging questions
  20. Paph. Ron Hawley
  21. Did I get ripped off on a fake awarded Phrag Grande?
  22. Blooming out big white Phal. for judging
  23. I need a big favor.... Wildcatt Request
  24. Ray/Fred! Help! re: OSOS show questions!
  25. Judging Questions
  26. Paph Bailey Kalina awards?
  27. Disappointed!!!!
  28. What is the best way to stake my Paph Berenice?
  29. Es Low (lady isabel x lowii) Awards?
  30. Paph. Pinnochio
  31. Paph rothschildianum 'Chucker' AM/AOS award info?
  32. Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Grouville' FCC/AOS 95 Points
  33. Awarded Paph's and Phrag's at the St. Paul Winter Carnival
  34. A question for the AOS jusdges?
  35. Plant Award Question
  36. Why do people want to have plants judged?
  37. My first AM Award !!!
  38. Awards Quarterly - Anyone Received Lately?
  39. Koopowitz article in Orchid Digest
  40. Second thoughts on AOS awards.......
  41. Q for judges re: Phrag. St. Peter
  42. Judges forum in Michigan???
  43. Henrietta Fujiwara Awards
  44. Judging against the mean - An example
  45. New Species From Captivity
  46. Orchid fossils
  47. Aos Awards
  48. Could someone look up award info for Paph Vanda M Pearman?
  49. Can someone with orchidwiz/AOS awards help on this?
  50. e-AOS CD subscription review
  51. Question re cutting off a bloom and mailing it in to be judged?
  52. Paph delanatii
  53. Can someone look up some awards info for me?
  54. Paph Stillhouse Hollow
  55. Reference photos and Judging
  56. Paphiopedilum judging criteria?
  57. My new web site
  58. Paph. liemianum Awards
  59. California Sierra Nevada Judging Photos
  60. Passed my apprentice judge test!!!
  61. Paph. hookerae
  62. It's not a paph...
  63. New Paph Awards from our center
  64. My Paph. Nimit got an award
  65. Interesting plant
  66. Submitting a plant for a third party
  67. Dracula hirtzii
  68. Awarded Paph. spicerianum
  69. Awarded at our show last weekend
  70. proper protocol?
  71. Paph. oberhausens Rubin 'Dark Specter' HCC
  72. Paph Henrietta Fujiwara award info
  73. Newly organized Chicago Judging Center website.
  74. silly question, then again maybe not
  75. Paph. Saint Swithin 'Big Ben' BM
  76. Paph. Robinianum "Green Gremlin' AM
  77. Chicago New awards
  78. Two recent awards
  79. Paph. Salvadore Dali 'Monster' HCC
  80. Question How to measure the paphiopedilum flower to have award score ?
  81. Two slipper orchids got awarded today at CJC
  82. 6 Awards at the Des Moines Speaker Day
  83. Interesting CBR
  84. I'm a judge!
  85. More awarded Paph (and other) plants at my Judging center
  86. New FCC!!!
  87. Need award dates and info.
  88. OSCOV Orchids of the Year - 2008
  89. Another FCC!!!
  90. New AM Norito Hasegawa
  91. New HCC, Complex Seedling
  92. Paphs awarded at my judging center
  93. A Paph. Fumi Delight awarded at my center
  94. Paph. hirsutisimum v. esquirolei 'Gold Country' CCM/CSA
  95. Woohoo! Paph. Sandy's Wild Turkey 'Cedarcrest' AM/AOS
  96. My Paph Invincible
  97. Woohoo! Paph. awarded
  98. Woohoo! Another AM!
  99. Paph. Babyface 'Lu Lu' CCM/AOS
  100. Woohoo! First awards from my center for 2010
  101. Woohoo! Paph. delenatii 'Moqui' HCC
  102. Woohoo! Paph. Robinianum 'Monster' AM
  103. Paph. Robinianum
  104. Paph. Nivesque Satin 'Silver Creek' HCC/AOS
  105. Paph Award
  106. Woohoo! Paph. ((Jollix x Lovely Land) x helenae) 'Leprechaun' HCC
  107. Woohoo! Paph. Fanaticum 'Green Goblin' AM
  108. The perfect micranthum?
  109. Woohoo! Award upgrade
  110. Woohoo! Paph. vietnamense 'Chunky' AM
  111. Woohoo! Slc Dal's Buddy AM/AOC, AD/AOC
  112. Masdevallia Rein Sun 'Pyrgos'
  113. Woohoo! My photo is front cover!
  114. Woohoo! Paph. Pacific Rainbow 'Chimera' AM
  115. Woohoo! Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Monster' AM/SM
  116. Paph. lowii 'Chunky' AM
  117. HELP! Is this worth driving two hours for AOS judging?
  118. New Phrag kovachii FCC
  119. Paph Topaz Magic 'Maplewood' HCC/AOS