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  1. Storing paph seed
  2. Cypripedium Breeding/Advance DNA?
  3. My first original cross
  4. Polyploid spieces in the slipper family?
  5. Broken Capsule Stem!
  6. Need seedling codes from elpaninaro seedlings
  7. Flasking with a Syringe?
  8. SOF Input on a New Paph Cross
  9. Vote:the pollen to put on Paph Little by Little
  10. Vote: Where to use Paph Little by Little pollen
  11. Kissing cousins
  12. Paphreek may be MIA for a while!!
  13. Flask Storage at what footcandle
  14. Small Slipper Breeding - Report from Slipper Symposium
  15. sanderianum flasklings
  16. paph. quasimodo
  17. Venustum pollen?
  18. Is My Seed Capsule Ready?
  19. Another Capsule Question
  20. Is this a seed capsule?
  21. Paph Flaskers....
  22. Phrags pod harvest time?
  23. Phrag flask media
  24. Question for those who do their own flasking
  25. Paph wolterianum hybrids
  26. Help me decide, what should I cross my Pinocchio with?
  27. Paph. haynaldianum var. album Seeds Available
  28. 4N x 4N
  29. Via Ojai reciprocal cross?
  30. Disposable Food Containers 4 Flasking!!
  31. Paph parishii medium
  32. Banana, coconut, tomato ...WHY
  33. Gibberellic Acid and Reluctant Germination
  34. Seedlings look to small in flask, what to do?
  35. Sugar treatment.
  36. best moment for paph pollination ?
  37. Seed capsule maturity times
  38. Flasking Help
  39. Pollenating inquiry
  40. Colchicine treated plants
  41. haynaldianum alba selfing?
  42. Iantha Stage Awards and crosses?
  43. Caught In The Act !!
  44. Grand plans foiled!
  45. freezing temps needed for germination?
  46. Paph haynaldianum var. album germination
  47. paph micranthum pod harvest time ?
  48. timing of seedlings in flask
  49. henryanum open, miniature breeding question
  50. Paph dianthum as a parent
  51. Mold in newly arrived flask and what to do?
  52. Question on Sowing. Light and Petri Plates
  53. Glove Box- air (flushing)
  54. laminar flow hood/ glove box designs
  55. phrag don wimber and noirmont capsule maturity times
  56. Paph exul Sudden Capsule Change
  57. New Cross Safely Home
  58. Should I Have Separated My Seedlings More?
  59. Bare Essentials for Flasking?
  60. What to Cross with Paph Varvara
  61. What would you like to see in Paph/Phrag breeding?
  62. Malmgren's Medium Sterilizing Problem
  63. Color suppression & White multi-florals
  64. I deflasked, photos
  65. Looking for the name and photo of this hangianum cross
  66. Nitrogen
  67. Deflasked phrag compot is surviving - pics, and question
  68. Just getting started
  69. What to do with my victoria mariae?
  70. A few breeding questions...
  71. Seed germination
  72. Please help Cross ID needed
  73. urbanianum flasks from Meyer's Conservatory
  74. Paph. stonei, roth. x stonei & philippinense var. sem.alba
  75. Culling plants
  76. Pollen storage?
  77. A guessing game
  78. Which new hybrids you like to see made?
  79. tooth pick happy
  80. vietnamense as parent
  81. I made a cross and i think it worked!!!
  82. Growing babies
  83. Breeding Orchids?
  84. Harvested my first Phrag capsule
  85. Paph (venustum x helenae):Looking for Suggestions
  86. My pod of paph dellephyllum'alba' x Paphiopedilum philippinense var. roebelenii
  87. Paph Flasking?
  88. which cross would you do?
  89. Sterilizing Flasks in the Oven?
  90. Paph breeding aims
  91. Pollen/ Pod Parents
  92. Hybridizing with Paph Armeni White
  93. Paph Nimit - What to cross it with?
  94. new and curious
  95. The Perfect Slipper???
  96. paph hybrid breeding question
  97. selfed a couple of species today
  98. Breeding Alba Slippers?
  99. Do you want Paph x Phrag hybrids?
  100. What to cross with Freckles???
  101. Flask product...thoughts?
  102. InCharm flask list
  103. Two Paphs I crossed
  104. Fastest (sic) Multi
  105. Chromosomal Incompatabilities
  106. Am I in the clear yet
  107. Pod parent vs. Pollen parent
  108. Need for Mycorrhizal Fungi
  109. Freckles x Henrietta Fujiwara
  110. Flasks of whites.
  111. Question about Ploidy Level of Complex Paph's
  112. Question About Registering Hybrids
  113. breeding a plant to death
  114. Pressure Cooker Exhausting
  115. Possible White cross - please weigh in
  116. Paph William Ambler x lowii - advice please
  117. signs
  118. 4n x 2N = 3N, always????
  119. failed crosses
  120. 2 Paph crosses coming this week
  121. New White complex flasks! Few compot questions
  122. Compot Poll
  123. Seedling light requirements?
  124. Paph F.C. Puddle crossing
  125. Deflasking niveum video
  126. Media Amendments List
  127. Question Harvesting Cyp Seed
  128. Question Bleach Concentration for Cyp seed
  129. Question Prince edward of york petals
  130. Question can anyone spare seed?
  131. Question germination help
  132. Question Breeding Reds and Greens together
  133. Question What is best?
  134. cyp californicum
  135. Please read and reply
  136. Paphiopedilum Microchilum
  137. Coconut based compot risks ?
  138. Coconut based compot fertilizers
  139. breeding with armeniacum
  140. Maduration time for Paphio malipoense seed pod
  141. Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips
  142. HELP! P. Gwen Hannen
  143. sowing seeds the "old fashioned" way
  144. Paph Double Deception Album
  145. Flasking very small amounts of seed
  146. Question Are there any phrag and paph hybrids?
  147. Sowing Cypripedium formosanum seeds
  148. Rounder Waxy Yellows
  149. Question Where to get seed in the UK?
  150. Question Primary paph cross question
  151. Phragmipaphium Elisabeth Schrull - looking for a picture
  152. Ratcliffe cross R5881
  153. Best time to get pollen off flowers
  154. Applying pollen to Brachy without removing slipper
  155. Is there a list of sterile hybrids?
  156. Lowii x complex hybrid Green Pod time
  157. Pod still green after 7 months
  158. Paph. Heaven's Knight pollinated
  159. My first Paph cross Germinated!!!!
  160. Is paph.leucochilum ?!!!!!!!
  161. Differences in Same Cross? (pollen swapped)
  162. paph insigne pollen ready
  163. how long from germination to leaves in flask?
  164. Flasking paph. Dianthum
  165. Question Where to get seeds in Australia
  166. Phrag. besseae protocorm
  167. Has this cross been done? St Swithin x Gloria Naugle
  168. First Seedling Pix
  169. Pictures of Compot Development over Time?
  170. Question Paph Julius x lowii?
  171. Question Phrag kovachii x popowii?
  172. Question seeds
  173. When / How to fertilize My Seedlings
  174. Growing Paphs from seed - can you help with some research?
  175. Looking for Paph pollen
  176. Tetraploid Pollen Parent X Nontetraploid Pod??