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  1. Pollen Available for free
  2. Looking for henryanum pollen
  3. Begging for Phrag and Paph pods
  4. Have Winston Churchill 'Rodoubtable' FCC/AOS pollen
  5. Wanted Paphiopedilum javanicum pollen
  6. bulbophyllum pollen
  7. i have the following pollen
  8. Wanted bulbo. phalaenopsis pollen
  9. pollen for trade or free
  10. Seed pods
  11. Partial listing of pollen available
  12. Want pollens of Paph gigantifolium and P. sanderianum
  13. Any 4N Phrag Pollen wanted
  14. Looking for Laelia purpurata pollen
  15. Phrag caudatum
  16. Looking to breed my philippinense
  17. Paph tonsum pollen available
  18. lowii, Leybaudyanum, Iantha Stage, Lady Isabel
  19. P. rothschildianum
  20. Paph. praestans
  21. "Free" Cyp guttatum Seed!
  22. Wanted : Pollen from P. Norito Hasegawa
  23. Vanda sanderiana pollen exhange urgent!!
  24. Any balbos blooming?
  25. Pollen available, mostly complex Paphs
  26. Paphiopedilum tigrinum seed
  27. Present a whole tigrinum pod free
  28. Cochlopetalum Pollen Needed!!!!!
  29. Wanted: Species Phrag Seed
  30. P. victoria mariae pollen
  31. Need Cypripedium Seed.
  32. Free Phrag Lindenii 'Gerhke Spider' Seed Pod
  33. wanted pap.species seeds for exchange or price
  34. Cyp pollen wanted
  35. Pollen if Possible
  36. Pollen from green complex?
  37. Parvi pollen
  38. Odontioda Pollen Needed
  39. seed wanted
  40. Seed trade
  41. Wanted: Plantanthera grandiflora pollen
  42. anyone have cyp seed?
  43. Need adductum or parishii pollen
  44. Mexipedium seed wanted - will buy
  45. Wanted Phrag Ruby Slippers var yellow
  46. Cyp pollen (selected) wanted
  47. armeniacum pollen wanted
  48. few seeds for trade (sorry no slippers)
  49. Wanted - Mexipedium seed or flasks
  50. Cypripedium seed
  51. For Trade Cyp acaule pollen to trade for margarit/lichiangense/fargesii pollen
  52. Orchis militaris
  53. Wanted Orchid Seed
  54. paph praestans pollen
  55. Wanted Paph tigrinum pollen
  56. Wanted Paph sanderianum pollen
  57. Cypripedium pollen ++++
  58. For Trade Pollen from paph winston churchill