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  1. New Phrag species
  2. ICK! What's this? Problem w/ Plant in S/H
  3. Phrag. fischeri
  4. I've got a question!!!
  5. Phrag potting mix question
  6. Water Woes
  7. Finally! Some good besseae karma!
  8. 1*2*3 Phrag primary hybrids? or hybrids in general? Top fav?
  9. Does anyone actually have a Selenipedium?
  10. Phrag exstaminodium
  11. So there I was browsing the
  12. besseae fungus problems
  13. Phrag pearcii
  14. Phragmipaphium Hanes' Magic
  15. Mexipedium out of bloom - when to repot?
  16. Patti MacHale
  17. Phrag Help
  18. Phrag Carol Kanzer in serious trouble
  19. Phrag D'Allesandroi cultural requirments
  20. Which Phrag Jason Fischer should I buy?
  21. Which Phrags Like Wet Conditions?
  22. Is their a good book about Phrag's?
  23. Phrag with no roots
  24. Phrag Fliquet
  25. Turface
  26. Is this a spike on my Haven v Smokin?
  27. Bacterial Infection Question
  28. Fragrance Saga Continues.
  29. Photo Request?
  30. Anyone know the cause of this?
  31. cinnamon
  32. Help with optimum humidity for Phragmipediums
  33. Ease of growing
  34. alba form of kovahii has been discovered
  35. what kovachii cross would you like to see ??
  36. fungicides
  37. kovachii futures !!
  38. A question of ploidy for the new OZ besseae crosses?
  39. Help with label on Phrag hybrid
  40. T8 versus T5 Fluourescents
  41. Phrag. caudatum
  42. Phrag Eric Young 4N x Sorcerer's Apprentice 4N
  43. Mexipedium
  44. Blood Meal
  45. Phrag Grande
  46. kovachii at Glen Decker's
  47. Don Wimber blooms ... once a year?
  48. Phrag. Eric Young 4N Mount Millias x lindleyanum
  49. The real Phragmipedium besseae from Peru
  50. Is this really Phrag. Leo Schordje?
  51. Phrag kovachii - beating a dead horse
  52. Phrag. schlimii 'Wilcox'
  53. light requirement
  54. Phrag. China Dragon
  55. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  56. Phrag pearcei photos of plant???
  57. Phrag Les Dirouilles and Phrag Gerry Dizon
  58. Phrag dalessandroi Distinguishing Features
  59. over potting
  60. Are there phargmipediuns that likes a limestone ????
  61. Is this possible?
  62. Question about new phrag. species at PhragWeb...
  63. phrag. bessae and culture info for P. Giganteum
  64. Has anyone seen phrag seedlings like this?
  65. Besseae suggestions for a first timer
  66. fischeri - have swarms been found?
  67. What phrags to grow?
  68. Phrag Care Info Please
  69. Phrag Grande vs. Grande var. Machrochilum
  70. Caudatum clone question
  71. can i divide?
  72. phrag caudatum x phrag pearcii
  73. new acquisitions
  74. Repotting a Phrag in Spike
  75. phrag questions
  76. Would You Be Concerned
  77. Besseae and multiple growths
  78. For a $1 raffle ticket guess what I won...
  79. What causes leaves to turn yellow?
  80. Water quality - How to test and adjust?
  81. Does anyone know what Selenipedium this is?
  82. Is there a Phrag that I could be able to grow at college?
  83. P. Mem. Dick Clements 'Pittsford' AM/AOS? 2, 3 or 4N
  84. Tiny little white bugs
  85. How old is your phrag?
  86. Needing help with besseae compot
  87. New Flow Tank
  88. Mex. xerophyticum - S/H?
  89. Size of Phrag Twilight
  90. Humidity/Temperature settings for Phrags
  91. Hrm...the cat just chomped a phrag in bud. What to do?
  92. Phrags - sequential bloomers and ever blooming?
  93. Phrag. Grande scent?
  94. Phrag pics posted in gallery
  95. Phrag Albopurpureum 'Sir Arthur'
  96. Is it me? Or....??
  97. phrag besseae
  98. cobweb stuff?
  99. Any news on those white Phrags?
  100. Phrag Sedenii 'Penn Valley'
  101. Blooming season for Andean Fire x Grande 4N
  102. Where to purchase phrags?
  103. Whats a tetraploid plant?
  104. My first phrag
  105. natural besseae pollinator?
  106. Insect eggs (?) on my besseae
  107. Mt Fallu or PEC
  108. Phrag medium
  109. Bad First Bloom Phrag?
  110. Phrag brown leaf problem
  111. If you could have ONE phrag...
  112. Oyster Shell in Phrag Potting Medium
  113. Has Phrag fischeri been found in the wild?
  114. Phrag andreettae - Official Description
  115. Flask of Phrag. Jason Fischer Arrived
  116. Phrag besseae var flavum breeding
  117. disease in flow tables
  118. Phragmipediums in australia
  119. temps for Phrags
  120. Phag. Lindelayanum
  121. growing phrags in sydney
  122. kovachii flask report
  123. Phrag kovachii
  124. Phrag problem
  125. i need help!!!
  126. Phrag Favortes
  127. Piping Rock Kovachii hybrids
  128. How I grow my phrags...
  129. kovachii hybrid thoughts
  130. How can I acquire a Phrag. Memoria Neil Mitchell?
  131. Kovachii Cross Culture
  132. Suriname
  133. The kovachii saga goes on
  134. If a Phrag is in bud, Can you move it around?
  135. Phrag Les Dirouelles
  136. Another new phrag grower question - Can you water at night?
  137. buying phrags
  138. phrag kovachii seedling from ebay
  139. Phrags creeping out of the pot? I've got a technique for you!
  140. Biggest Phrag species?
  141. Phrag culture?
  142. Phrags: What's In spike/bud?
  143. My kovachii cross arrived! Culture advice, anyone?
  144. Posting about new INRENA rule.
  145. Jay Phal is looking for:
  146. Phrag; ?????
  147. Time for a Kovachii seedling update!
  148. Jason Fischer 4N (Memoria Dick Clements 'Walter' x besseae 'Big Red')
  149. Phragmipedium kovachii in australia
  150. Are these roots, and why?
  151. Phragmepidium lindleyanum ?
  152. Phrags in rockwool.
  153. doing the dance
  154. What should i do with this phrag?
  155. Look what i did.
  156. Phrag. kovachii
  157. new bud
  158. What is this NOID I'm growing?
  159. looking for a pic of ...
  160. Help ID phrag
  161. besseae staminode differnce
  162. Chuck Acker's article -"A Life With Phrags"
  163. Anyone knows?
  164. Which group of Phrags do you find most attractive?
  165. Long Petal Species Tips
  166. Phrag Olaf Gruss
  167. Phrag D'allesandroi?
  168. What happened to
  169. A Life With Phrags
  170. Phrag kovachii not true species
  171. Need some advice re Paph & Phrag care
  172. Kovachii test results
  173. Help With my Phrag. Bouley Bay!
  174. Getting better coloration on non-bessae hybrids??
  175. Which Phrags do best for you?
  176. How many Phrags do you have?
  177. Okay, now of these Phrags which is a good choice
  178. Repot new Phrags?
  179. reverse ossmosus vs brita water tap attachment
  180. Which group of Phrags do you find least attractive?
  181. tolerant Phrags?
  182. I need some help, please, with my sick Bouley Bay!!
  183. Phrag ecuadorense or pearceii?
  184. Phrag Jason Fisher
  185. Phragmipedium kovachii in the Netherlands
  186. Need advice on Phrags.
  187. Kovachii and Besseae Question
  188. e-bay compot
  189. Need some help in making first Phrag order.
  190. Can you pot Phrags in a basket?
  191. Phrag Alien Syndrome & Phrag Mini Grande question
  192. Where to be looking for yellow phrags...
  193. First Phrag. order for the year.
  194. which phrag to order?
  195. quest re my phrag scarlet ohara
  196. New Phrag arrived
  197. Phragmipedium kovachii web site
  198. Bouley Bay - In Spike!!
  199. Watering repotted phrags?
  200. Anyone have pics of...
  201. Help Needed Blooming Phrag. caudatum
  202. Wooo HOO! New plants!
  203. Phragmipedium kovachii habitat pictures
  204. Can you repot a phrag at night?
  205. Moving plants outside?....
  206. bought my first phrag
  207. damaged my Stairway to Heaven bloom!!!
  208. kovachii
  209. Putting Phrags in saucers with water?
  210. Mexipedium xeratophyticum
  211. Leaf rot problem with caudatum?
  212. Phrag kovachii x wallisii
  213. The kovachii Chronicles- Prelude
  214. The kovachii Chronicles I
  215. Besseae and var flavum culture tips?
  216. Phrag.Cape Sunset
  217. Will it live???
  218. Expert Please!!!
  219. Mexipedium Decision!!
  220. Name your top 3 favorite besseae hybrids
  221. Name your top 5 favorite Phrag species
  222. Name your top 5 favorite Phrag hybrids
  223. someone knows what is this phragmipedium ??
  224. Grodan?
  225. PK an interesting tidbit.....
  226. I Am Lost In A Sea Of Potting Mediums!!
  227. My funny little PK
  228. Mexipedium Xerophyticum (or however the hell you spell it)
  229. Cold tolerance in Phrags and Paphs
  230. Opinion...Sorcerer's Apprentice or not
  231. What 100 degrees does to your plants!!
  232. repotting seedlings
  233. Phrag. brasiliense
  234. What's A Selenipedium?
  235. Looking for pure white phrag
  236. phrag Eric young question
  237. Carolyn... Here's Your White Phrag!!
  238. Kovachii on Ebay?
  239. mmmm peach!
  240. Who was Dick Clements?
  241. Coming out of the closet
  242. kovachiis out of the closet
  243. Crossing?
  244. Fertilizing Phrags?
  245. New growth of besseae became white
  246. Are Phrag caudatum var sanderae and Phrag caudatum the same or different?
  247. Phrag. klotzschianum
  248. Large Mexipedium
  249. Repotting: How Many Back Bulbs do you leave
  250. Slight Phrag Problem